Hi, I'm Laura.

Some of my earliest memories are of lazy Sunday afternoons at my grandparents. My grandmother would cook huge lunches, sinking even the most hearty of us into a haze. After we were done stuffing ourselves, we would retreat to our favorite place and quietly read or do puzzles. Or maybe just nap.

I would crawl into the biggest chair I could find (ie. get to before an adult) and pull out the National Geographic. My grandparents had a subscription and it was always one of the highlights of my visit. I would pour over the pictures, imaging I was the one interviewing the locals or photographing the mountain range.

Exotic places and interesting people. Photographs of places that couldn't possibly exist. Or could they?


The Blue Mosque - Istanbul, Turkey

One of those exotic place I dreamed of going, I checked this one off in 2009.

From that time, my dream has been to see the world. At my first opportunity to get out of Canada, during my studies at the University of British Columbia, I jumped at the chance and spend a semester in Belgium, studying at the Katholieke Universiteit de Leuven. Those four months changed how I saw the world and I knew I could never go back.


Amphitheater in the Acropolis, Athens

Taken on my first day out of North America, 2005

I completed my masters in international development at the University of Amsterdam. The most multicultural city in the world, I had classmates from all over. During those two years, I also lived in Uganda, completing fieldwork for my master's thesis. Telling the stories of the children I met was extremely gratifying and cemented for me the conviction that I was a storyteller. Combining my passion for travel with my desire write about my experiences is amazing.


Playa Hermosa, Nicaragua - Truly "hermosa" (beautiful)

Since that first trip, I have traveled to more than forty countries. And I don't plan on stopping there!

Currently, I live in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua and love to share about my experiences here and any travels I have along the way.